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Tic Toc Tic Toc ….*snap!*

17 Nov

Technology is amazing isn’t it? Every generation, a giant leap is made in how we get things done quicker, cheaper and more efficiently. For example; Written letters replaced foot messengers (much to the relief of the messengers who risked getting shot if their news was bad), faxes replaced letters, email has replaced faxes and (for now) BBM or instant messaging has supplanted email as the quickest way to communicate with someone on the other side of the globe.

What will the next big leap in time saving technology be? Direct Thought Messaging? Beaming commercial thoughts and messages directly into our minds? (If that ever happens, I’m walking around with tin foil around my head, because I don’t want to get mind-spammed with adverts for toilet cleaning products or penis enlargement pills.) Can you imagine, being bombarded with hundreds of mental messages (BrainBrands) in your head, all competing for your immediate attention? I know for certain that all psychologists will have booming practices, as 100% of the population will be ‘hearing voices’! It sounds a bit like science fiction for now, but we are not that far away from this. Think about it. The final frontier for privacy these days is in your own mind. The proliferation of ways to get hold of one another has got to a point where family, friends, customers and staff expect you to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Radio, TV, Internet, Telephones, Mobile phones, email, BBM, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Twitter….blah blah blah……

Not to mention the opportunistic advertising, right in your face, when you’re standing at a public urinal. “Does it burn when you take a leak? No worries, we have a cream for that!” Seriously, piss off!!

The irony about all this technology that saves time, gets things done quicker and makes us more efficient, is that we have less and less time to do things. All that’s happened is that customers, and people in general, try and squash more things into each and every day, cancelling out the whole point of time saving devices in the first place. No wonder people are going ‘postal’ more than ever before.

I am a firm believer in being ‘offline’ from time to time. It allows me to zone out, and be present in my own body and mind for a while. It’s what keeps me sane, and allows me to maintain my self worth. If you can’t get hold of me for a few hours, don’t send out a search party. I’ve just turned my BBM off.

Over and out.


How wide is your bandwidth?

28 Oct

Is it just me, or does 1.02kbps suck pile-sweat for 3G internet bandwidth? Slow download is an understatement. Seriously, it would be quicker to draw a website from memory with a pencil, after I’ve carved it from a log of firewood with a piece of flint!

I am currently in South Africa, the final frontier for technology, or should I say, the dumping ground for all the rejected rubbish technology that the developed world does not want. We do have ADSL in the office which is pretty good at 100kbps but when it comes to 3G bandwidth, I think this continent is a MASSIVE opportunity for any service provider to come in here, pay the necessary bribes to the numerous corrupt officials, and make an absolute packet, by supplying an internet service at a speed that actually allows us to view news and current affairs, that are actually current, and not from long lost history!

For example, I’ve just read on a BBC news-site, that it’s been confirmed that the Earth is indeed round, and not flat, as originally thought. Is this true?! Wow!

I guess that would explain why my friend Steve, who owns a yacht, is still around, even after years of sailing. I was always nervous whenever he told me he was off on a sailing journey. Sometimes he’d be gone for weeks, and once I actually accepted the fact that he’d fallen off the edge of the Earth, and into the ice-cold abyss, eaten by the starving boogie men that live there. The next day, he rang my doorbell, and I fainted when I answered the door, because I thought his ghost had come to haunt me!

Seriously, this continent is virgin territory for technological development. If you can look past the corruption, have a strong stomach and have a technological gadget that repels flies, then this place is ripe for the picking.

Thank you for listening, and now, back to our regular programming.