Only 10 percent?

13 Oct

Somewhere, someone mentioned that we humans use only 10% of our brain power. Why would our brain only use 10% of what it was capable of?

Hmm . . . . I have a theory. Just bear with me here.

Have you ever noticed on a ‘bottom of the range’ car, how a lot of buttons on the dashboard have little covers on them. There are clearly spaces in the dashboard for extra gadgets, switches and features, but the spaces have been covered up with plain covers, as if to say “Access Denied you Peasant!” It’s very frustrating, knowing that there are ‘higher’ models of the same car out there, with full sets of knobs, buttons and switches. It’s like the car manufacturers were teasing you saying, “You could have these buttons, which would clearly go here, but since your budget doesn’t go that far, you’ll just have to make do with . . . a simple window demister”.

They do this to save costs in the manufacturing process, so that they can use the same dashboard for all the cars in the range, and just install the nice clever gadgets on the snooty, privelaged models.

Ok, this gets me to my theory . . . and where things get a little weirder.

What if . . . we humans, who use only 10% of our brain power, are actually the ‘bottom of the range’ models? What if there are ‘beings’ out there, who have a full set of gadgets, and they use 100% of their brain power? They look like us, but have a ‘full house’ of brain features. What abilities and apps would they have? They could probably travel through time and win the lottery every week, know exactly what women want, never run out of cat food and have probably been recycling for millenia. They probably see our ‘genius’ IQ ratings of 140 as laughable. Fleas on their pet hamsters probably have IQ’s of 140!

Where are they? Who are they? I don’t know, because I’m just a 10% model, but they probably don’t live here. They probably live on some interstellar beach, where they get served galactic cocktails and eat starlight and drink from the milky way. Like I said, these examples are based on my earth bound 10% brain, so I’m thinking like a 10 percenter. I’m open to suggestions.

What do you think is going on?


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